Off-airport, Dead Stick Landing, P-51 Mustang

P-51 Engine Failure LandingThis post has nothing to do with cars but I flew helicopters during part of my Army career and had two complete engine failures and one partial.Somehow I ran across this clip on YouTube and at first I though it was a simulation. But, it's real.The dialogue is super interesting. Watch the [...]

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Fastest Nurburgring Laps In-car Video

I Love the Nürburgring in Germany. I've always loved sport cars and the Nürburgring holds a special place in motorsports racing. My first visit was way back in 1970 in my brand new Armor branch gold Porsche 911E to watch the racing. Our friends at just did a blog post on the 10 fastest [...]

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Good-win Racing Garage Sale

Good-win Racing in San Diego is moving to a bigger location and they are hosting a fantastic "we don't want to move it" sale on Saturday, June 23, 2018. We love Good-win racing because they support our prostate cancer awareness mission. Thanks Brian!  

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2018 Father’s Day Walk Along Manhattan Beach

2018 Father's Day Walk Along Manhattan Beach This website is mostly about using car events to raise awareness about cancer and the support needs of cancer survivors. But this coming Father's Day we're parking our cars and walking along the beach to spend some quality time with our Dads. We'll meet at Manhattan Beach pier [...]

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On June 9-10 were at Buttonwillow Raceway to check it off our Bucket List and talk to some guys about prostate awareness and testing. I've been watching the instruction videos on YouTube. Can't wait! I'll be driving my #378 Mazda MX-5 Miata. Robert Hess & Board Member in his #378 Car

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Memorial Day Walk

On Monday, May 28th, we're going to replace our driving shoes with walking shoes and join the Cancer Journeys Foundation walk in honor of America's service men and women who gave their lives to preserve freedom and democracy around the world. Click here for the details - Memorial Day Walk Along the Beach. With [...]

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