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Cruising for a Cause™

If you love to drive, like meeting new people, enjoy an adventure, and want to help end cancer, then continue reading this article.

In 2011, 122 motorcyclists crisscrossed the United States as part of the Cancer Journeys Foundation’s Prostate Cancer Pony Express prostate cancer awareness event. We reached thousands of men and convinced the governors of 11 states to issue proclamations officially naming September as their state prostate cancer awareness month.

The Pony Express is now the Tour de USA® and this August – from August 15th to September 19th of 2018 – we’re going to reprise that adventure – the Tour de USA to End Prostate Cancer.

Route planning is done. Click the city stops link to see the daily schedule – Tour de USA city stops. The schedule includes four days at the national ProSolo Championships at Lincoln, Nebraska the first week of September 2018 and  four days in Monterey for Mazda at Laguna Seca. Like twisty roads? We’ll be cruising over some of the best driving routes in the entire United States, including the famed Tail of the Dragon.

The Tour de USA isn’t a race; it’s a trans-US car rally with the goal of eliminating prostate cancer like we beat smallpox – through early detection and treatment.

Tour de USA Format

The route is published and we have a forum for each day of the drive where drivers can connect. You can can drive one segment or as many segments as you like. Or even the entire route if you have the time and want to experience the USA like never before! Be an official Tour de USA participate by registering at the following link – Registration for the 2018 Tour de USA.

The CJF Mazda Miata will be carrying a GPS tracking device from FindMeSpot.com. The rally location will be posted live on an Internet map accessible through any mobile device so you can link up with the rally at any point and your friends and family can watch your progress.

Fundraising for Cancer Survivors

This is a cancer fundraiser to support the continued operation of your prostate cancer early detection system, ProstateTrackerApp.

Donors will receive a lifelong Tour de USA driver number that will be listed on our website, along with a unique inaugural Tour de USA t-shirt.

Just think how cool it will be to be one of the founders of the automobile version of motorcycling’s Rolling Thunder!

Volunteers Make Everything Happen

This is going to be a fantastic event, but we need people to help with the organization and management. Some of the available roles include:

  • Route planning
  • Public relations – making connects with local media outlets
  • Internet forum creation and management
  • Social media management

Lots of Cars Drive Lots of Awareness

I crossed the United States and back solo in 2010 and it was a fantastic experience, but it was really a challenge getting the media to pay attention. That won’t be a problem when we roll up to a TV or radio station with 50+ cars!

Almost 28,000 men die each year from prostate cancer because they don’t know they have the disease in time for treatment. The Tour de USA will drive the all important awareness of testing and early detection.

Join the Tour de USA Information List Below …


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I hope you’ll join us for the 2018 Tour de USA adventure. This will be the Woodstock of automobile charity rallies. Our goal is to create the world’s longest and largest car rally and put it in the Book of World Records.

For a small donation to support cancer survivors you will go in the records books as one of the founders of an event that will become one of America’s best motoring adventures.

I survived two tours in Vietnam and prostate cancer, and my life’s mission now is to prevent as many cancer deaths as I can. I’m looking for 400 men and women to join me in that mission. #Fearless400.

Are you in?

Warm regards,


Prostate Cancer Survivor
Class of 2003

Tour de USA charity car rally world record attempt

Please make a $5.00 donation to support our free prostate cancer early detection system.

Days Until the Start of the 2018 Tour de USA for Cancer Survivors

I’m driving the Tour de USA in 2018 but in 2010 I rode it on my Harley Low Rider. The shot below is South Carolina heading to the state capitol.

Cancer Journeys Foundation logo

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