World’s Greatest Drag Race – 2018

//World’s Greatest Drag Race – 2018

World’s Greatest Drag Race – 2018

Robert Hess’s Favorite Car Videos

I admit it. My name is Robert Hess and I love cars!

This post highlights some of my favorite YouTube car videos. I hope you enjoy them.

A bit about me and why I’m back Into cars

It took a few years, but my inner “car guy” is coming out. I’ve had a love of sports cars and roadsters since I was a kid and I had two Porsche 911s (not at the same time) when I was stationed in Germany. Those went by the wayside when the family arrived.

But now, the kids are all grown and I was reintroduced to the car world at the Los Angeles Auto Show when Mazda introduced their Cup Car. A $52k Cup Car wasn’t in the budget, so I popped over to CarMax and bought a 2010 Mazda Miata PHRT that I have been running in autocross and SCCA Track Nights for the past two years.

I love to #havefunwithcars but I almost always do everything with a purpose. I’m a 15-year prostate cancer survivor and in my spare time I lead a non-profit charity that supports cancer survivors and helps men beat prostate cancer.

My bright yellow Miata almost always starts a conversation, especially my 19 SCNDS license plate.*

One of The Cancer Journeys Foundation’s key programs is prostate cancer awareness.  Here’s why

  • 240,000 men are diagnosed each year with prostate cancer
  • 29,000 die because they didn’t know they had it in time for treatment
  • Prostate cancer is very treatable when found early
  • But prostate cancer shows no symptoms until it’s at an advanced stage
  • A simple annual PSA blood test provides an early indicator of prostate cancer
  • There’s a free early detection tool at

Men need to know these facts and that’s the story I share when I and my ‘impossible to ignore’ Miata are at a motorsports event.

What’s your next step in beating prostate cancer?

Picture of Cancer Journeys Foundation CEO Robert Hess's #378 Mazda Miata

Cancer Journeys Foundation CEO Robert Hess’s #378 Mazda Miata

Motor Trend World’s Greatest Drag Race – 2018

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