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My name is Robert. And I admit it. I Love Cars!

I didn’t come from a “car family,” but somewhere in my youth I got the bug. I bought my first car from paper route money when I was in high school. It was a 2 cylinder baby blue Fiat 500 – yup, an original one – that I bought in 1965 for $500. Using our standard inflation rate that means I paid $6,020.38 in 2018 dollars for it. Whoa!

I painted a white racing stripe right down the middle and drove that thing everywhere. I lent it to a girlfriend in college and it came back rolled up in a little ball in the back of my uncle’s pickup truck. She was fine but our relationship ended up like my poor Fiat 500.

How do you have fun with your car?

I wrapped my MX-5 Mazda Miata in bright yellow; covered it with cancer awareness messages; and drive it everywhere. Sometimes to the chagrin of my wonderful wife.

My favorite car things . . .

  • A weekend road trip over some twisties to an out-of-the-way restaurant or diner (my wife’s favorite!)
  • SCCA autocross – super fun
  • Local “Cars and Coffee” events – always interesting vehicles and people. Looking forward to getting our Ford GT40 replica car in play
  • SCCA Track Nights – I just drove my first two at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, and at the Streets of WIllow, WIllow Springs International Speedway. Super fun with the “Little Yellow Miata That Could!”
  • Any day that I can put the top down and feel the sun on my face
  • Oh, yeah. And driving in the Tour de USA®!!

Robert Hess & Board Member in his #378 Mazda Miata MX-5

Learning Buttonwillow Raceway at a SCCA Track Event

Just a little too hot out of the long, left hand sweeper. These events are a great way to experience high speed driving in a safe environment.

My Mazda Miata was super stable. Driver error:-)

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