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We’re Recruiting 500 Fearless Auto Enthusiasts

Prostate cancer is a sneaky adversary. It shows no symptoms until it’s at an advanced stage where it is difficult and often impossible to cure. You probably have at least one friend – and most likely more – who are prostate cancer survivors.

Beating prostate cancer means finding it early and the Cancer Journeys Foundation has created a simple tool to do just that. It’s called ProstateTracker and it’s free on the Internet for everyone – ProstateTracker.org.

ProstateTracker.org Finds Prostate Cancer Early

So, now that we have a simple and effective early detection tool guys will take the annual PSA blood test and prostate cancer’s on the run. Easy. Right? Wrong!

Talking about prostate cancer is never easy. I’m a prostate cancer survivor and I’ve been talking about early detection for over 14 years. Prostate cancer is just too sensitive a topic to read about and take action, which is why we’re recruiting for the Fearless 500.

My experience has taught me that it really takes a one-on-one conversation to get the message across. My #378 car and I have covered over 27,000 miles talking about prostate cancer but we can’t be everywhere. Ready to volunteer?

One Man in Six Will Have Prostate Cancer

Here’s the math:

  • One in six men will have prostate cancer
  • If 500 guys (or ladies) have one conversation with six of their friends, 3,000 men will know what they need to do to minimize their prostate cancer risk and 500 of them will find their prostate cancer while it is treatable
  • If those each of those 3,000 will talk to six of their friends, that’s 18,000. Then,  18,000 x 6 = 108,000 x 6 = 648,000
  • You get the picture!

Become a Fearless 500 Ambassador

You can be one of our Fearless 500 Ambassadors and help end prostate cancer.  Here’s all you need to do:

  • Email us through the contact form below
  • Agree to attend at least two events over the next twelve months and give 12 men or women one of our unforgettable “Don’t be a Sitting Duck” awareness flyers [We send you these free]
  • Donate $5.00 to cover the postage for your very own and very cool Fearless 500 t-shirt. (You will have an opportunity to vote on the final design.)

That’s it. Complete the contact form below and we’ll send you more program information and a link to vote on the t-shirt design.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. We hope you will join us in supporting the Cancer Journeys Foundation program to beat prostate cancer.

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