Cancer Journeys Foundation Creates Mix-gender Team Autocross Competition

Drivers Compete in First Ever Mixed-Gender Team Autocross Cancer Journeys Foundation 378 Car If you compete in SoCal autocross or you were at Lincoln, Nebraska for this year’s SCCA Solo National championships, you probably have seen Robert Hess in his bright yellow Mazda Miata covered in cancer awareness slogans. As you may [...]

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First Ever Female/Male Autocross Championship

First Ever Female/Male Autocross Champion It's time to find a driving partner of the opposite gender and head on out to the Auto Club Speedway at Fontana, California on October 21st to compete in the first ever mixed gender autocross championship to support breast cancer awareness. Autocross is a super popular motorsports program but [...]

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Autocross Cone Fights Back

Autocross Cone Fights Back I have a great time racing autocross with my Miata. I got started just over two years ago as part of my prostate cancer awareness program here in Southern California. I'm competing in C Street - more about classes later - with a third generation Mazda Miata (a 2010 PRHT). [...]

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