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Welcome to the inaugural “Stop Cancer Autocross Challenge” held in conjunction with Cal Club Autocross. The event is Sunday morning, October 21, 2018, at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. There is a practice event at the same location on Saturday, October 20th. Click here for full details: Stop Cancer Autocross Challenge.

Picture of Cancer Journeys Foundation 378 Mazda Miata competing for cancer awareness

Cancer Journeys Foundation 378 Car

The Stop Cancer Autocross Challenge is a unique competition where each team is comprised of a female and male driver—couples, spouses, siblings, parent/child, or friends/family. Each team member will drive an autocross course four times, with their team score being the combined total of the fastest run by each team member. Participant cars will be indexed so that teams will compete on an even basis regardless of the type of their car. Trophies will be awarded in four categories.

The team categories are as follows:

  • Category 1: Combined age unlimited

  • Category 2: One driver under 21

  • Category 3: Both drivers under 21

  • Category 4: Combined age of 130 or more

*For Cal Club Autocross members who elect to participate in the Stop Cancer Challenge, the four competition runs still count towards year-end points and trophies.

Click the following link for full details: 2018 Cal Club Autocross / Cancer Journeys Foundation “Stop Cancer Autocross Challenge”

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