Autocross Cone Fights Back

/, Miata/Autocross Cone Fights Back

Autocross Cone Fights Back

Autocross Cone Fights Back

I have a great time racing autocross with my Miata. I got started just over two years ago as part of my prostate cancer awareness program here in Southern California.

I’m competing in C Street – more about classes later – with a third generation Mazda Miata (a 2010 PRHT). I’m not really competitive yet but I’m having a great time and meeting fun people.

Autocross competitions are run with one car on the course at a time except for the annual Solo National Competition where cars run two-at-a-time but n separate mirror image courses.

Getting through the cones at speed without hitting one (and earning a one second penalty for each cone knocked out of the box) is a challenge. I’ve seem lots of cones get run over but I’ve never seen a cone fight back. Click on the YouTube video at right to see that happen! The cone gets cranky at about 1:08 into the clip.

See you on the course!!

Click below to see a Ninja Warrior Autocross Cone Get Even!

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