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Click the image below to see the 2018 Tour de USA’s Location in real time

The 2018 Tour de USA is carrying a SPOT Gen3 GPS tracker courtesy of Globalstar. The tracker is set to transmit a signal every 5 minutes while the team is moving.

We are using this device to provide the data for our World Record attempt for the longest road rally. Simply click on the image below to see where the Tour is located.

The 2018 Tour de USA has four missions:

  1. Make certain men know the PSA test for prostate cancer does save lives
  2. Let men know about the early detection tool
  3. Raise funds to keep ProstateTracker operating
  4. Tell cancer survivors about a great new survivorship tool – CancerAid

Here’s how you can help . . .

  1. Make a small donation. We’re spending 124.5 hours driving and our goal is 6 donors for every hour. Six because 1 in every 6 men will have prostate cancer
  2. Click on the map below; follow us as cross the US; share the adventure with your network on Facebook and Instagram
  3. If you are a cancer survivor, caregiver, or supporter, give CancerAid a test run.

Together, we can beat prostate cancer.

Never Give Up!

About The Tour de USA and the Cancer Journeys Foundation

The Tour de USA® is a fundraising program for the Cancer Journeys Foundation. Our goal is to create fun automotive adventures that generate lasting memories, new friendships, and, most important of all, support for America’s 15+ million cancer survivors.

The inaugural Tour de USA® is about prostate cancer because it’s one of the most challenging to talk about but one of the easiest cancers to treat when it’s found early. That’s why we created It’s easy to use. It’s anonymous. And it’s free thanks to public support. Has your family been touched by prostate cancer? Please click the fundraising campaign above and make a donation. Every $5.00 helps keep ProstateTracker running.

Be a Prostate Cancer Awareness Ambassador

  1. Do you get about and about in your car?
  2. Do you like talking with strangers?
  3. Are you fearless?
  4. Are you willing to put a 5″ sticker somewhere on your car?

If you meet these criteria you qualify to be one of our rolling ambassadors. Here’s all you need to do . . .

  1. Complete the information below and we’ll send you a sticker or two
  2. You put it on your car somewhere
  3. You talk to the men you meet and remind them that 1 in 6 men will have prostate cancer and it could be them
  4. Send us a picture of yourself in conversation with the sticker in the background

This gets you into our drawing for a fantastic Tour de USA® t-shirt!

Are you in?