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Veterans Rally for Disabled Veterans

2020 VetsRally4Vets

Welcome to the 2020 VetsRally4Vets, the inaugural edition of a car rally by veterans in support of our disabled bretheren. The VetsRally4Vets mission is to raise awareness of veteran PTSD and suicide and to generate funds to provide companion dogs to veterans dealing with PTSD and depression.

The VetsRally4Vets supports the Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network (, which has the mission of supporting America’s 4.7 million veterans with service-connected disabilities.

How Dogs Help with PTSD

15-20% of America’s military veterans suffer from PTSD and 20 American veterans commit suicide every day. We can’t let this continue to happen.

Owning a dog lifts the owner’s spirit and helps reduce stress and depression. Dogs help people feel better by providing loyal companionship which reduces the overall mental anguish and depression of veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While it costs over $30,000 to deliver a fully-trained service dog to a disabled veteran, we can provide a disabled veteran with a basic-trained companion dog for roughly $2,500.00.  Each dog provides the PTSD veteran with these critical benefits:

  • A way to express emotional love and compassion
  • A loyal companion
  • A good reason to get out of the house, spend time outdoors, and meet new people, and
  • A trusted companion for fun and stress reduction

Every dog we can provide benefits two lives: a rescued dog and an emotionally vulnerable veteran.

2020 VetsRally4Vets Mission Statement

  1. Raise awareness of veteran PTSD and veteran suicide
  2. Generate the funds to train and provide 12 companion dogs
  3. Provide able-bodied veterans an opportunity to support our disabled bretheren

2020 VetsRally4Vets Concept and Venue

We want this to be a fun and rewarding experience for veteran auto enthusiasts. We’re still in the concept planning stage and we’d love to have your feedback.

Here’s our current concept for the 2020 VetsRally4Vets:

  • Participants drive “rally” to a central location for a two-day event
  • The location will be a racetrack/speedway where enthusiasts will have the following options:
    • HPDE session [cars and drivers must meet SCCA safety requirements]
    • Parade lap sessions
    • Autocross event
    • Possibly a two-hour “Lemons” type event

2020 VetsRally4Vet Venue

We currently are exploring several venues on the East Coast:

  • Summit Point Motorsports Park, West Virginia
  • Pocono Raceway, Pennsylvania
  • Virginia International Raceway
  • The Firm, Starke, Florida
  • Waterford Hills, Michigan

2020 VetsRally4Vet Event Date

Our current planning date is a Thursday-Friday in August, 2020 to minimize track rental cost and maximize the funds we can generate for our disabled colleagues.

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