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Registration for the 2018 Tour de USA®️ is Open!

Engine start is on August 26, 2018 in Los Angeles and we’re off and running across the western United States for prostate cancer awareness and prevention.

Your $25.00 registration helps us keep our free prostate cancer early detection system operating. 240,000 men will receive a prostate cancer diagnosis this year and almost 29,000 will die because they were diagnosed too late.

Be part of the 2018 Tour de USA to end prostate cancer deaths.

Three Reasons Why You Should Join the Tour de USA®️!

1 – The 2018 Tour de USA®️ is a dual world record road rally attempt to end prostate cancer and help prostate cancer survivors:

Record Attempt #1: The World’s Longest Charity Road Rally – Los Angeles to the Lincoln, Nebraska and return; 6,621 miles over 23 days. Registered drivers don’t need to actually drive with us, but we would love to connect with you at the end of the day. That said, I would love to have some company along the road. Check out the Driver Forum tab to see where I’ll be each day.

Record Attempt #2: The Charity Road Rally with the Most Active Participants – participants just need to register to become a driver. Your donation supports our prostate cancer awareness and prevention programs, you are issued a lifelong Tour de USA driver number, and you become an official participant.

2 – This is Year 1 of an annual tradition. There will be a Tour de USA event every year, but there will never be another chance to be a Founding Driver/Rider of this great adventure.

3 – You will be saving lives. How special is that? Check out www.prostatetracker.org and create your own free account.

How to Join the 2018 Tour de USA

Just make a $25.00 donation using the button below.

You will be awarded a lifetime Tour de USA®️ Driver/Rider number and help prostate cancer survivors beat their cancer.

The first 100 people to register are the “Founding 100.”

Would You Like to Order a 2018 Tour de USA t-shirt?

Just pop over to our store at Zazzle.com – Tour de USA t-shirt

Drive with the Tour de USA as it comes through your state!

“How can I know if I have prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer shows no symptoms until it is at an advanced stage where it’s difficult to cure. The best way for men to know if they have prostate cancer is to have an annual PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test and track the result from one year to the next. A rising trend is a danger signal.

We created ProstateTracker to give men an easy way to make their prostate cancer risk visible by tracking their annual PSA test result.

Please make a small donation below to support ProstateTracker. One of every six men will have prostate cancer. They can beat it if they find it early.

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